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In case of any problem you may contact between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Working Days Only to Concernd TO/STO office.
Log on your problems in http://helpdesk.ifmsharyana.nic.in , Joint Director(DMC) : 0172-2711102, Jai Prakash (Karnal Division): 9467675600, Kuldeep Singh(Hisar Division): 9354222001, Jaipal Kaushik (Rohtak Division) : 9896574190, Naveen Kumar(Gurgaon Division): 9810025028

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It has been decided in the meeting with ACS Finance that if, Nominations with regard to NPS subscriber are not updated on the CRA-NSDL web-site, the pay of concerned DDO will be stopped for the month of April-2018. List of pending nomination (PRAN) alongwith requisite format is also available in "Quick Links" section.
Please do Income Tax Processing of your employees before generating e-TDS 24Q file for 4th Quarter of 2017-18..
All the DDOs are informed that in new Budget 2018-19, in some schemes, Budget from Non-Recurring has been shifted to Recurring, so be careful that you should not generate any paybill in any Non-Recurring Paybillcode. Before that you have to create a new paybillcode for each new Recurring scheme, and shift all the employees to new Paybillcode. A Page for shifting of employees to new Paybillcode is available in maker Login-- Employee Menu-- Last Option.
Now Paybills will not be sent to treasury without Digital Signatures, relaxation from Digital Signatures was given up to 31.03.2018 only.
All the employees who have been declared defaulters by PNB have to deposit their default amount in Government Receipt Head "0070-Other Administrative Services [0070-60-800-94-51-Recoveries of Over Payments]", through egrashry.nic.in. Loan Id must also be mentioned in the field "Loan Id For Recovery of Loan default" only while preparation of challan. Please don't write loan id in Particulars.


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Disclaimer:-- This System is designed to help the users in various day-to-day tasks of preparing bills. However, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all the instructions of the Government on financial matters are duly complied with and system owner does not take any responsibility of compliance with all Goverment instructions and rules. Users will be fully responsible for any overpayment or wrong payment on account of failure to adhere to Government Instructions. Any discrepancy coming to the notice of users should be brought to the knowledge of helpline or email ID:     treasuries@hry.nic.in

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